PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center PACER provides innovative resources for students, parents, educators, and others, and recognizes bullying as a serious community issue that impacts education, physical and emotional health, and the safety and well-being of students.
An online forum aimed at educating, advising, counselling and all importantly, helping to stop bullying, in particular, cyber bullying.’s purpose is to eliminate bullying in our society by supporting individuals and organizations to take positive actions against bullying through the sharing of resources, and to guide and champion them in creating non-violent solutions to the challenges and problems associated with bullying.

Child Abuse & Prevention

Worried About An Adult’s Behavior
Stop It Now!

Understanding Abusers – Building Stronger Families -Protecting Children Against Sexual Assault
The Mama Bear Effect

7 Steps to Protecting our Children: A Guide for Responsible Adults
Darkness to Light

Answers to Questions About Recent Child Sexual Assault Cases               
National Sexual Violence Resource Center

Back to School Screening Packet: Questions about Body-Safety Policies & Practices
Parenting Safe Children

Behaviors to Watch Out for When Adults are with Children
Stop It Now!

Child Sexual Assault Prevention
National Sexual Violence Resource Center

FACTS FOR PREVENTION: The Health Impact on Children & Youth
National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

The National Plan to Prevent the Sexual Exploitation of Children
National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

Preventing Child Abuse
Center for Disease Control and Prevention

ChildHelp National Child Abuse Hotline

Prevent Child Abuse America
Prevent Child Abuse America works to promote the healthy development of children and prevent child abuse before it can occur in order to help children to grow up and contribute in their communities.

Prevention of Sexual Abuse Through Educational Programs Directed Toward Children
Crimes Against Children Research Center

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
The leading nonprofit organization in the U.S. providing assistance to law enforcement and families to find missing children, reduce child sexual exploitation and prevent child victimization.

Childhood Sexual Abuse Fact Sheet
Crimes Against Children Research Center

Enough Abuse Campaign
The Enough Abuse Campaign is a grassroots movement to provide adults and communities with the knowledge and skills they need to put an end to child abuse.

Transforming Communities to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation: A Primary Prevention Approach
Prevention Institute

Here Are 4 Ways We’re Accidentally Teaching Kids That Consent Doesn’t Matter

Childhood Development

NYU Langone’s Child Study Center
NYU Langone’s Child Study Center offers a wide range of mental health services for children, adolescents, young adults, and families.

A curated list of blogs, articles, and videos for parents about fostering skills like kindness, empathy, gratitude, resilience, perseverance, and focus in children.

Growth and Development, Ages Zero to Three – What Parents Need to Know
Advocates for Youth

Development, Ages Four to Five – What Parents Need to Know
Advocates for Youth

Parenting Safe Children
By Feather Berkower

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
NAEYC works to promote high-quality early learning for all young children by connecting early childhood practice, policy, and research.

Zero to Three National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families
A national, nonprofit organization that provides parents, professionals and policymakers the knowledge and know-how to nurture early development.

Children and Sexuality  Evaluating Sexual Behaviors
Boston Area Rape Crisis Center

Healthy Sexual Development
Darkness to Light

Helping Families Understand and Respond to Children’s Sexual Behaviors
Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs

A course to help people working with children understand what are the expected behaviors related to sex and sexuality in young children and how to distinguish them from behaviors that are of concern and require some intervention.

National Center on Sexual Behaviors of Youth
Resources and training material for professions from multiple disciplines addressing youth with problematic or illegal sexual behavior.

A 3-Step Model for Responding to Children’s Sexual Behaviors
Boston Area Rape Crisis Center


United We Stand of New York
United We Stand of New York provides information and support to underserved families whose disability-related needs are complicated by poverty and cultural and linguistic diversity.

Resources for Families and Individuals with Disabilities

Ableism Online: Virtually Passing While Disabled

Pity Is not Progress Why Disabled People Don’t Need to be Fixed

Disability and Advertising

What People Don’t Realize About Being Invisibly Queer Or Disabled

5 Things People Don’t Get About the Word Retard

10 Questions About Why Ableist Language Matters, Answered


Violence in Language: Circling Back to Linguistic Ableism

Is Positive Thinking Oppressing You?

Domestic Violence

WHO WILL HELP ME? Domestic Violence Survivors Speak Out About Law Enforcement Responses
The National Domestic Violence Hotline

What is Gaslighting?
The National Domestic Violence Hotline

Moving On Emotionally After An Abusive Relationship
The National Domestic Violence Hotline

Is Change Possible In An Abuser?
The National Domestic Violence Hotline

20 Standout Groups Stopping Domestic Violence

Collection: Resources for Supporting Survivors
See The Triumph

Self Defense

NCASA Guidelines for Choosing a Self-Defense Course
National Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Empowerment Model for Teaching Women’s Self-Defense
National Women’s Martial Arts Federation

Gift of Fear, Protecting the Gift
Gavin de Becker

Sexual Assault

Fact Sheet: What You Need to Know About Sex Offenders
The Center for Sex Offender Management

Reporting Sexual Assault: A Guide for Journalists
Michigan Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

A Brief History of Sexual Violence Activism in the United States
Ms Magazine

New Resource for Campuses Addressing Sexual Assault, DV/Dating Violence, and Stalking
California Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Fact Sheet on Sex Offenders
Center for Sexual Offender Management

Sexual Violence Fact Sheet
Boston Area Rape Crisis Center