Where will my donation go?

General Funds / Community Program Partners: Since our inception, Emerging Strategies has forged relationships with community-based organizations, agencies, camps and schools in support of our mission to work with children and teens as well as their educators and service providers. We’ve delivered programs focusing on trauma recovery for children and teens, staff development workshops and work safety programs for agency employees on-site and in the field, anti-bias, anti-bullying education to build stronger communities at camp and schools, and self-defense training for vulnerable populations that face higher risks of violence – all at no cost to participants. learn more

IMPACT:Ability: This program gives people with disabilities the skills to prevent and stop abuse and live to their maximum potential. This training also equips organizations that serve people with disabilities to expand their capacity to recognize and prevent abuse. Through your support, Emerging Strategies will train six instructors on the IMPACT:Ability curriculum, which is strongly aligned with national best practices for educating individuals with developmental and physical disabilities and expand the reach of IMPACT:Ability from New England to the Tri-State area. Despite staggeringly higher rates of abuse, few programs exist to teach people with disabilities how to protect and assert themselves. But together, we can change this and empower individuals of all abilities. learn more

The Sweetwood Scholarship Fund: Established in 2013, in honor of Marion McGrath, wife of Susan Borke, the Sweetwood Scholarship Fund was created to provide financial assistance to individuals for self-defense and personal safety classes and is supported by Ms Borke’s commitment to renewed annual funding. Additional funding has been provided by Louise Borke. Marion McGrath’s trailblazing life and work lives on in the memory of those who love her, and now, serves as inspiration to reduce barriers for others to live their life to the fullest – as she did. All donations earmarked for scholarships will be administered through this fund. Please support the Sweetwood Scholarship Fund. Financial accessibility to our programs is one of our core values. learn more

How else can I get involved?

We welcome support beyond donation. We are actively seeking to build relationships with people who might consider joining an advisory board. We appreciate the chance to meet friends of friends who might want to learn more about us. If you or someone you know wants to host a party, make and introduction or help in any way, please let us know. While we are building capacity to fulfill all our program requests, we continue to do outreach to other community organizations who we may serve in the future. We can always use a few good people to train as instructors. learn more