Community Partner Programs

Since inception, Emerging Strategies has implemented a variety of Scholarships and Community Partner Programs in the Tri-State area.

Individual Scholarships

Over 80 individual scholarships have been awarded since 2001.

Community Partner Programs

Girls for Gender Equity in Sports
Summer 2002, Brooklyn

One IMPACT 20 hour – Basics class for the entire board of directors and staff of Girls for Gender Equity in Sports (GGES) an organization that serves the young girls in the communities of Bedford-Stuyvesant and Brownsville in Brooklyn.

Legal Outreach
Summer 2003 – 2009, Manhattan

A total of nine IMPACT Basics classes for Legal Outreach. Legal Outreach is a non-profit organization which runs an academically rigorous 4-year after school education and life skills program for teenagers in the five New York boroughs, preparing them for entry into top tier colleges.

The River East School
Fall 2004, East Harlem

Middle School program for the entire 6th grade.

The Urban Assembly School for the Urban Environment
Spring 2006 and 2007, Brooklyn

Middle School program for 6th and 7th graders.

Power Play NYC Summer Sports Leadership Academy (STARS)
Summer 2005 – 2009, Manhattan

Five IMPACT Basics classes for teens and their moms/mentors. This non-profit organization educates and empowers high school girls in New York City through sports, fitness, team building, career and life skills programming. PowerPlay NYC partners with other organizations, sports companies and teams.

Sadie Nash Leadership Project
Summer 2005, Manhattan

One IMPACT Basics class for teens and their moms/mentors. The SNLP promotes leadership, service and activism among young women in high school through the use of role models, service-based learning and independent social justice projects.

The Retreat Center
Winter 2006, Amagansett

One IMPACT Basics class for clients and staff at this residence for survivors of domestic violence.

Harlem Day Charter School
Spring 2007 and 2008, Harlem

Middle School program for two 6th grade classes.

Fiver Children’s Foundation
Spring 2007, 2010 and Summer 2011, Manhattan

Middle School and Upper School programs for five groups of teens.

Marble Collegiate Church
Spring 2007, Manhattan

Workshop for Young Teens

Morristown Neighborhood House
Summer 2009, Morristown NJ

Middle School program for one younger and one older group of teens.  Their core mission is helping new immigrants, helping families who are confronting economic challenges and fostering cross cultural acceptance.

Girls Inc and Columbia University Business School
Women in Business organization 2008 and 2010, Manhattan

Workshop for Girls Incorporated Young Teens and their mentiors. Girls Incorporated is a nonprofit organization that responds to the changing needs of girls and their communities through research-based programs and advocacy that empower girls to reach their full potential and to understand, value, and assert their rights.

American Family Therapy Academy
Summer 2011, Baltimore MD conference.

Emerging Stategies co-presented the workshop “Meeting Heteronormativity Head On” for The American Family Therapy Academy. AFTA is a non-profit organization of leading family therapy teachers, clinicians, program directors, policy makers, researchers, and social scientists dedicated to advancing systemic thinking and practices for families in their social context.

North Shore Child and Family Guidance Center
Summer 2012, Roslyn Heights, NY

North Shore is the leading mental health agency in Nassau County, providing diagnosis, treatment, prevention, training, parent education, research and advocacy. Psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and substance abuse counselors work with families and kids of all ages.

Andrus Children’s Center
Summer 2010, 2012 and 2014 Yonkers NY

The ANDRUS Campus Program provides integrated, holistic therapeutic services to children ages 5 to 16, who have a range of challenges: trauma and loss histories, major mental illness, difficulties in managing their emotions, and children on the autistic spectrum. Services, informed and embedded in the Sanctuary model, include individual and group therapy, programming that teaches children how to manage their emotions and master their experiences, how to be safe, process their losses, but mostly, envision their future.

Williamsburg Collegiate Charter School
Academic year 2013-2014, 5th and 6th graders, Brooklyn NY

This free charter school is open to all NYC residents. Its mission is to prepare students for college. They work on mindfulness of others, achievement in studies, professionalism in actions, and preparedness to work hard.

Center for Immigrant Education & Training
LaGuardia Community College, Fall 2014 Queens NY
The Center for Immigrant Education and Training offers free and low-cost English classes in the context of specific careers and job training programs, along with career counseling and case management services to low-income immigrant adults. Their goal is to support students in becoming life-long learners and independent, contributing citizens of New York.

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